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It’s never too early to learn good financial habits. And contrary to popular belief, personal finance doesn’t have to be boring.

Games, activities, and contests are an engaging way to connect with kids and teach them the financial skills and concepts they need for long-term financial health.

Looking for something a little more creative than the classic lemonade stand on the sidewalk this summer? Here are six fun and fresh ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages.

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The Wenrichs already had been running for almost a decade with the concept of introducing their kids to investing.

“Before they even started school, I challenged them to save some of the money that came their way through allowances and gifts,” Wenrich said. “I told them if they could save $500, we would match it.“

When they did, Wenrich helped them with the investing process, which for minors under age 18 involves establishing a custodial account.
“We were teaching them how to save and how to think like a business person,” Wenrich said.


San Clemente Author to Release Book on Financial Literacy 

Local Author J. J. Wenrich is launching a new book to help educate youth and adults on the basics of saving and investing money. His book, Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and Lessons for Grown-ups, is available now on Amazon for pre-sale before its official release on May 28.

Wenrich attests that a lack of basic financial knowledge and poor habits start in the home and resonate outward in communities and the economy as a whole. Humorous and easy to follow, his book seeks to educate people in a way that can be passed to younger generations for years to come.

Thank you to Dave Baldwin, Author of The Balancing Act for his blog post referencing lessons from our book.

Recent article in Affaire de Coeur magazine titled,

"Money Skills for Your Kids".

Affaire de Coeur December Issue


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Publication in THE STARTUP

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