J. J. Wenrich CFP®

J. J. is a 20-year veteran of the investment world.  He developed his fascination with the stock market as a child, watching business reports on PBS, one of the few stations available in his small-town Kansas home. During freezing winters and blazing summers, he was inside learning about what he calls “the amazing world of stocks.” Despite his small-town upbringing, J.J. had progressive teachersalong the way who included personal finance education and stock-picking games in their curriculum.

His professors at The University of Kansas reinforced his love of the stock market. So much that he spent spring break on campus watching CNBC all night with stock charts and spreadsheets as he followed equity markets around the world.

Since then, he met his wife Jodie—also a financial professional at the time—and together they built a family “portfolio” including Jodie’s son and another three children born within 30 months. This family is the foundation of J.J.’s lessons on educating kids (and grown-ups) about healthy financial habits and Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks.


J. J. is known for simplifying complex concepts in a fun and approachable manner. He is a sought-after keynote speaker for financial advisors, corporations, non-profits and other organizations. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER    professional and holds the Certified Financial Education Instructor designation from the National Financial Education Council.


In addition to his current roles as a financial advisor, educator and speaker, he spent 13 years as an investment consultant to financial professionals for an national investment firm before leaving to publish his book and follow his true calling of educating and advising individuals, families and organizations on the importance of making good financial decisions.


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