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Alexx is a successful financial professional in Kansas City

Our Story

J. J. and Jodie Wenrich run the website and associated social media accounts behind Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks.

They met as rookie financial advisors in Kansas City and dated a short time before getting married in 2001.


While raising Alexx, who was 10 when his mom and step-dad married, they eventually opened their own Ameriprise branch early in their young marriage. When Max and Henry were born in consecutive years while Alexx was in high school, the winds of change led J. J. to the corporate world and Jodie to chasing kids full time. A year after Henry was born, Annabel showed up on the scene and the cast of characters was complete.

Eventually life led most of the family to Southern California. (Alexx, now an adult and financial services professional, stayed in KC).

At the beginning of 2019, anticipating the publishing of J. J.'s book in May, Jodie and J. J. launched the website and Instagram for Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks. Facebook wasn't far behind and now we have almost every social media account covered (except Snap - we're too old).

Our goal is to make financial literacy fun and easy to consume.

We think small changes can make a big difference.

If we are conscious of what we say and do with our kids, we can change the financial path they take in life.

We want to share our ideas and resources that we build, but we want to also lift and call out others who are doing great things related to financial literacy.

Our long-term goal is to build Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks into a platform that provides multiple avenues to make financial literacy fun, entertaining and impactful in homes, classrooms and communities.

With gratitude,

Jodie and J.J

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