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Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks

Stories and Lessons for Grown-Ups

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It really does take a village! If today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, we the village need to properly equip ourselves in order to equip our youth for success. That means not only parents but

  • grandparents

  • aunts and uncles

  • teachers

  • friends

  • neighbors... You get the picture.

This book seeks to educate the general population in a way that can be passed on to younger generations for years to come. It’s adulting for all ages!

J.J. will walk you through how he encouraged his three kids to save birthday and allowance money, then use a portion to buy stocks. You will learn the same lessons he taught his kids at home, and thousands of financial professionals at work.

It’s OK if you know nothing about stocks, he’s here to help fix that. This book simplifies the stock market and stock picking in a way that anyone can understand and teach. If you can understand the business concepts behind a lemonade stand, you’ll be able to understand these basics and teach them by the end of the book.

No matter where you are in your investing life, you are sure to find this book to be both entertaining and educational.


Author: J. J. Wenrich


Category: Business & Economics/Personal Finance/Money Management


Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7337977-0-2

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-733977-2-6

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-7337977-1-9

Publisher: Hopeful Hill Press

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