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Short Educational Videos

What's in a stock quote?


In this video, J. J. walks you through the most important components of a stock quote from Yahoo Finance, including brief explanations of each.

A Tale of Two Savers (The Emoji Twins)

One Emoji starts saving as a teen, whereas the twin waits until age 31.


Watch and see how "saving a little when you're young" can give you an insurmountable lead when it comes to investing.

Compound Interest (The Movie)


Why did Einstein call Compound Interest "The Most Powerful Force in the Universe"...?


Find out in this short video!

Simplifying 401ks IRAs, into two MAIN TYPES


401k, IRA, Roth IRA, 403b... It can be terribly confusing!


In this video, we simplify all if the plans into their two basic types: Traditional and Roth.

The Basics of Bonds

What are bonds? Bonds are loans.


Learn the basic mechanics of most bonds in this short video!

Want to Raise Business Savvy Kids?


In this fun mash-up of awkward family photos, we espouse the virtues of watching Shark Tank as a family.

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The S&P 500 HEATMAP on is a great tool. I was introduced to it by Bob (Gilly) Gillingham and am following his footsteps by using it to help students visualize the stock market as a "market of stocks".

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