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What are people saying about the book?

5/5 Star Review From Readers' Favorite


"...a must-read for anyone who’s ever wondered what they could achieve if they knew how to invest in the stock market."


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5/5 Star Review From BookMattic.

"Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks is the perfect introduction into the world of investing for both you and your kids."


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What ELSE are people saying?

"This book is terrific! The personal examples are excellent and the content is easy to read."

Barbara Barnes 

Author: The Power of Partnerships

President: It's the Kids

Lifelong Educator and School Administrator

His conversational manner of coaching makes the reader feel as if he's being personally tutored throughout the reading experience. Wenrich opens up that rarified world of the stock market to anyone willing to take the time to read his book, and he does so brilliantly. 

Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

One of the best things about Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks is that it makes investing simplified and helps you to realize that buying stocks is like running your own business.

Matt Hutson, Founder of

I love this book! Not your dad’s old investing book that’ll put you to sleep in 5 minutes. JJ kept it very interesting and actually a fun read. 

Jeff N., Amazon Customer

Financial knowledge and savvy is not one of my major skill sets..this is no secret. But I do feel smarter about money and investing after reading this book. The author explains basic investing principles and terms in an easily readable manner using real-life words. I especially liked the use of “nerd word alert” when he defines specific terminology. His writing style is familiar and approachable. The book is well organized. 

Meredith Bowman, Independent Book Reviewer

Great stories of kids, companies and investments. Good on the basics. Great book for beginner investors. Quick, easy, fun read. 

Jeff Whitaker CFP, Nevada Wealth Manager

He wants you to read this book, learn the right way to do things, and then pass that information along to your own children so that they can start investing in their own futures.

Book Dragons Not Worms (book review blog)

Thank you to Dave Baldwin, Author of The Balancing Act for his blog post referencing lessons from our book.

Five Tips on Teaching Financial Literacy

Thank you to the blog Book Dragons, Not Worms for their review.

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