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A Big Announcement!!

I'm sensitive to the fact that there’s a million things going on in the world, but I have some news to share.

To quote a voice from my youth... "And now, the rest of the story…"

You probably know I love the markets. The alarm goes off at 4am, and I start watching and taking notes before I even get out of bed. Every day I do this.

I don’t just love the stock market, but all the markets. The bond market, real estate market, the job market… you name it, I’ve probably spent time studying it.

I also love helping people.

In 2017, I found myself conflicted; I wasn’t making a very big difference in the world. At the time, I was VP of an asset management company, working with financial advisors and wealth managers as clients. Some of these people came to be my best friends and remain so to this day. I had a good gig and I was paid well to do it.

As much as I enjoyed those relationships and the money, I wasn’t reaching the right people. I wanted to reach folks who didn’t understand markets, but my job was to cater to professionals who knew them well.

Which led me to writing my book. For reasons that are still not entirely clear, my employer who never took time to look at the manuscript, forbade me to publish it.

With some very heavy deliberation I chose to step out on my own and publish my book. It has been a quite an experience and I’ve learned more in the last 14 months than the previous 14 years of my life. This time working from home has allowed me to rebuild relationships with my wife and my kids, among so many other positive things.

Spending these last few months watching the stock market tank, the bond market rally, and everything in between, my phone is ringing… a lot. I’ve heard from former clients, friends, and people I’ve never met at all reaching out to get my perspective on the markets. It has my heart pumping as I can feel myself making a difference and it feels great. I say this humbly. I don’t claim to know everything, but I certainly try very hard to figure it out (every day beginning at 4am).

Which is why I’m excited to tell you about my next steps:

First, I’ve partnered with the National Financial Education Council to build customized financial education programs for organizations and corporations. Our goal is not to only deliver education, but to help individuals understand and manage their financial behaviors in real time.

In addition, I’ve decided to put my financial advisor hat back on for both individuals and businesses (Just like old times!). I’ll be joining the team of a long-time friend and former client whose name and firm are soon to be announced.

I am an analyst and researcher by nature. There has been an incredible amount of thought and deliberation in deciding my next steps, and more importantly, who my new partners would be.

I make these steps fully confident that I have chosen the very best people to support my calling.

Jodie and I will continue what we’re doing with, Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and Lessons for Grown-Ups, only now I’ll be able to help more people and on a much deeper level.

We both thank everyone for the overwhelming support in all our endeavors, it has served as the wind in our sails and for that we are overwhelmingly grateful.

With gratitude, Jodie and JJ J. J. Wenrich CFP 949.547.4313 (mobile) Founder and Author TEACHING KIDS TO BUY STOCKS Jodie Wenrich - Marketing Coordinator 913.687.6978 (mobile)  Social media links: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Linked-In | YouTube | Pinterest | Medium Buy the book or leave a review: Amazon | Barnes & Noble



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