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You Don't Have to Buy the Stock to Talk About the Company...

Talking about the companies your kids interact with can pay dividends in many ways.

You can give little cues to help them see the company as more than a product they love, but also as a great business. You can help them see through the eyes of a business owner.

Doing so may make them a better consumer, and also give them a head start on their future career path.

Are your kids and their friends in a hurry to turn over their “hard earned” money to any particular company in exchange for their product?

If so, that’s worth noting.... Maybe when you add it up, they’re spending more than they realized.

How much are they spending? Have they ever added it up?

Once you notice that, you can’t help but notice that “Wow! What a great business! Wouldn’t you like to own a business that made that much money?”

Maybe you can - if it’s publicly traded. If they (or you) don’t know what that means, you can learn together (I have a book you should read).

Even if you don’t buy the companies, you discuss, these are healthy and fun conversations that help raise your children’s business IQ.

As kids become adults, they are used to speaking the language of business no matter what field they go into.

Whether they are employees or business owners (or both), it will be in their nature to notice good (and bad) business when they see it.


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