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Image Launch

I am over-the-moon excited to share the publicity images for my book and website. One of these photos will be the cover of the book. I look forward to sharing sample cover designs soon and asking for input on which cover everyone likes best.

Bear with me as I share a little of my back story…

The photographer is Allyson Cheney and her youngest son is the handsome young model.

I was excited that Allyson agreed to do these pictures for a couple reasons. First off, I love Allyson’s eye for style. I wanted very clean and simple images, and that is her forte. Second, her husband, Matt, has been my almost daily sounding board for a decade-plus.

Matt Cheney and I worked together for 11 of 12 years at Ivy Investments. We sat next to each other when we worked in home office. We were promoted to RVP at the same time. We were always on the same team until the last few months before I quit.

After we both began travelling in 2010, it was routine for us to have hour plus conversations on the phone multiple times per week. Matt shares my passion for the stock market, and he shares the intense desire to “figure it all out”. He would routinely listen to me rant and rave and spill out my inner monologue. Like a good shrink, he would let me talk until I switched points of view three or four times before finally reaching a conclusion (or not). He has challenged me to always get better intellectually, and to always be looking around the corner in investing. This is a theme that will be covered extensively in my book – “always be looking around the corner” when picking stocks.

Those conversations while on the road helped shape me into the investor that I am today. They have given me the confidence to write this book, and to change my career path to focus on things I love.

It seems fitting that the youngest Cheney boy will be on the cover of my book!!

With love,

J. J.



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