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It all started with a silly little bet...

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Hello Friends,  

My book shares the entertaining story of how I introduced my kids to the basics of saving money, and how that led to teaching them the basics of investing in stocks. It gives readers a process for picking stocks as well as insights on the emotional fortitude necessary to be successful long-term investors.


Here’s a glimpse below:


It all started with a silly bet I made with my kids when they were roughly ages three, four, and five. 

Once a child realizes that money can be traded for “stuff,” they seem to have a natural tendency to want to make that trade happen as soon as possible. 

“These coins and bills are fun and all Dad, but can we go get some toys and candy now? I mean right now—as much as I can get.” 

I watched them immediately spend everything they ever received. 

I wanted to teach our kids the lesson that you should sacrifice to save, rather than spend, spend, spend!

For motivation, I told the kids, “If you save $500, I’ll match it.”

From that point forward…it was on!


Thanks so much for your support, and I look forward to sharing more. Watch for pre-order information and a release date soon!

With love,

J. J. Wenrich CFP

“Stay passionate, opinionated, and open-minded!”

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