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It WILL rain, you know...

"Save some money for a rainy day."

When I was a kid, I thought that this meant “save some money for when you can’t go outside and play, you’ll have some money to spend on fun inside like buying a game or going to the movies.”

As I grew up, it didn’t take long to find out it meant to save some money for when the unexpected happens.... for when bad luck rains on you... ...because we all get our turns having bad luck rain on us.

If we know it’s going to happen, shouldn’t we prepare for it? That’s a basic skill just like wearing shoes and owning a coat. Yet a lot of folks out there don’t own a financial coat.

Here’s what I tell the kids and teens... It’s not easy to save, but you’re better off starting young for a lot reasons. Most of all, you’re better off starting young because most of your expenses are covered. Start working on your financial coat now, and eventually that financial coat will turn into something a lot bigger, and you’ll be prepared for that rainy day.

If you start young, you’ll be prepared for the rain, and it won’t knock you off your course. You’ll keep moving forward.

Eventually, saving turns into investing and your financial coat becomes a coat of armor. A financial coat of armor will allow you to do amazing things with your life.

It all starts with preparing for the storm so that you have the peace of mind to dance in the rain.



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