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Epi 6 + Indonesia + Value-Ability

Hello Friends,

Episode 6 of Piggy Banks to Wall Street is now available featuring J. J.'s interview with Sammie Joseph-Fredericks, AKA "The Money Teaching Mom" and author of multiple children's books dedicated to financial education.

In this episode, Sammie tells us her personal story as an immigrant from Liberia as well as a Mom and wife. In doing so, she shares her inspiration for writing and publishing her books and starting her social media platform.

Episodes are available on all major podcast platforms as well as our website and YouTube channel.

Learn more about Sammie and her books at


J. J. was a recent guest on Episode 34 of the Value-Ability Podcast with financial service veterans Philip Simensen and Danforth Fleak.

It was a great conversation and certainly one of our favorite recordings to date. They also wrote a great blog post dedicated to the episode that you can read by CLICKING HERE.

You can listen to the podcast or find links to your favorite podcast provider by CLICKING HERE.


Lastly, J. J. is excited to have been invited by the U.S. Embassy's American Center in Jakarta, Indonesia to teach a series of three workshops on the basics of investing via Zoom.

The center, known as @america, provides free public events to the people of Indonesia on a wide variety of topics such as education, the environment, music and arts, science and technology, and entrepreneurship.

This actually our second time conducting a workshop to an Indonesian audience. Earlier in 2020, an Indonesian finance instructor that read our book invited J. J. to talk to a group of millennials about personal finance via Zoom.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

With gratitude,

Jodie and JJ

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Jodie Wenrich - Marketing Coordinator

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