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One Day You'll Thank Me + Episode 5 of Piggy Banks

Hello Friends,

J. J. was a guest on One Day You'll Thank Me, a podcast hosted by child and adolescent therapist Dr. Tara Egan and her teenage daughter, Anna.

It was a great conversation between the three of us, and super-fun having a teenager help with the interview. We covered a lot of ground in the discussion, too! We talked about everything from how to talk to kids about money and spending, to allowances and debit cards, to compound interest and investing.

CLICK HERE to listen to the episode.

Episode 5 of Piggy Banks to Wall Street is now available. Our guest in episode 5 is Victoria Khaze, creator of Money Munchkids, the financial education curriculum for K - 3rd graders.

Victoria is SO MUCH FUN! We've known about her curriculum since we started researching our book, but FELL IN LOVE with her energy and sense of humor this past spring while participating in her Digital Conference for Homeschoolers.

(CLICK HERE to view J. J.'s DCH presentation during the heart of the quarantine in CA, including some timely messages about the market environment at that time.)

You'll see that same energy and enthusiasm at work in Episode 5 when Victoria tells us the inspiration behind creating Money Munchkids, as well as the painstaking details that went into making it inclusive to ALL KIDS.

Episode 5 Links:

CLICK HERE to see previews and links to ALL our episodes.

That's it for now! Thanks for reading, watching and listening!

With gratitude,

Jodie and JJ

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