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Our page features fun and interesting ideas, articles and more.

We create and post content regularly and also share other "gems" we find related to teaching kids financial literacy and business.

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Our very first social media account! 

We create and post content daily in our stories, including peeks inside our home life in San Clemente, California.

We feature and lift our friends in the financial literacy community!

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Our stream features updates related to the book as well as teaching kids about money and business.

You may find us poking our nose in other people's conversations with a smart alec comment from time to time, too.


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We have been delighted at the great teaching resources on Pinterest.

Check out our useful Financial Literacy Board as well as our Stock Market Funnies, Art and Quotes boards.

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The "professional" side of life.

We share updates, content and interesting articles on our Linked-In page.

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We are still in the infancy of our YouTube project, but hope to expand on it in 2020.

For now, enjoy the video announcing the winner of our family's 2018-2019 Annual Stock Market Game.

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