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New Class + New Updates

Hello Friends,

We will be kicking off another session of "Personal Finance for Teens" classes this Wednesday August 26th.

If you know of anyone interested, please let us or them know! We have plenty of room in this session!

For students who have completed the 4 sessions of Personal Finance for Teens, we recently hosted a 2 hour session dedicated to talking about the basics of stocks.

In preparation for the class, we reached out to our social media friends for ideas on what to cover. The response on Twitter was quite amazing! We shared many of these idea with the students, but we invite you to check out the thread of fabulous responses by CLICKING HERE.


We are SO CLOSE to launching our new podcast, Piggy Banks to Wall Street.

CLICK HERE for a sneak preview of Episode 1 with guest Sam Renick, the creator of the Sammy Rabbit line of financial literacy storybooks, songs and tools for use with young children.

Episode 1 should be up in the next week or so - we are just finishing up some details on the distribution side. We will send out another email to let everyone know once it is live.


We were recently introduced to an AMAZING financial literacy advocacy organization called FinMango, and had a great conversation with their co-founder Scott Glasgow. To say that we are inspired by Scott's passion is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

FinMango is committed to solving the world’s financial inclusion crisis. As the FinMango website states:

“For youth around the world, financial education can change everything!

Education helps prevent he poor from being exploited, provides hope for a better life, and offers people the opportunity to take charge of their life by acting as advocates for economic change within their community.”

The organization has it’s hand in material change throughout the world, and is so active, that we're still trying to get our minds wrapped around the depth and breadth of their programs.

We're incredibly excited to have met Scott, and cannot wait to learn more about this truly unique organization.

Go to to learn more, and follow their social media to see firsthand the change they are making in our world.

Bravo to “Mango Scott” and your fellow Mango brothers and sisters!


As you probably know, we are quite active on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In social media accounts (we even post on Pinterest from time to time). Each platform has its own personality, so we tailor each post for the audience.

Here's a tiny taste of what we've posted lately. We hope you enjoy!

CLICK HERE to read our post below on Linked In that included our editorial the impact of teaching financial education in schools.

OUR POST BELOW from Instagram lets you know what we've learned about "politics and investing" in our 20 years of giving investment advice professionally.

THIS POST below from Instagram is a quote that we've used a version of for decades on our own, but never realized someone famous actually claimed it as their own well before we thought of it.

THIS POST below from Linked In is a line you may have heard from us a few times before. It actually inspired a recent blog post from Sam Renick, our guest in Episode 1 of Piggy Banks to Wall Street!

That's PLENTY for now! Thanks for reading!

With gratitude,

Jodie and JJ

J. J. Wenrich CFP®

949.547.4313 (mobile)

Jodie Wenrich - Marketing Coordinator

913.687.6978 (mobile)

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