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New Blog Post + New Investment Game

Hello Friends,

We have a new blog post up on the website titled "The Rosetta Stone of Financial Ratios". If you've read the book, this may ring a bell. CLICK HERE to check it out!

We recently discovered a FREE online investment simulation game that has us HOOKED. It only takes about 10 minutes to play, but it is fun as well as educational. It can be played solo against the computer or as part of a group.

It is called Build Your Stax and was created by the nonprofit Next Gen Personal Finance. It simulates a 20 year period in the markets, giving the user the ability to allocate across multiple assets, while receiving an income and dealing with periodic random expenses.

“In the game, we tried to use real data as much as possible or base our numbers on similar data when historic details were unavailable.

We’ve collected data from 1980-2018. Each game session covers a randomized 20-year segment within that span. In addition to each game using a different starting year, we randomize which stocks, commodities, and index are selected for that time frame, providing replayability and a true sense of market variability.”

We have added the game to our recently updated "Favorite Resources" page on our website where you will find a wide variety of books, games and tools to help you and your family have fun with financial literacy.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

With gratitude,

Jodie and JJ

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