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August 8th Update

Good morning friends,

We hope everyone is doing ok out there! Thank you to all of you on this list for what you do!

Four updates in this email:

1) J. J. will be a guest on the Darius Norman Show this Thursday 8/8 in Cincinnati and Atlanta. The schedule and links are below:

1:00 - 2:00 EST in the Cincinnati area on 101.2 FM 101.2 WTTA FM LIVESTREAM3:00 - 4:00 EST in the Atlanta area on 99.1 FM 99.1 FM ATLANTA LIVESTREAMWe will do our best to capture the interview and post it on the website afterwards, but kind of like buying stocks, there are no guarantees.

2) We had a great review from Matt Hutson on his website Bookmattic. A snippet and link to the full review below:

“Ever consider investing in stocks? Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks is the perfect introduction into the world of investing for both you and your kids.""One of the best things about Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks is that it makes investing simplified and helps you to realize that buying stocks is like running your own business. "BookMattic Review of TEACHING KIDS TO BUY STOCKS: STORIES AND LESSONS FOR GROWN-UPS

3) You may have seen a recent blog post on our website, linked below:

Stocks Follow Earnings "It doesn’t matter what age of investor I am talking to — the conversation usually starts the same way. Stocks. Follow. Earnings. When you hear EARNINGS think PROFITS. When it comes to stocks, good profits usually mean a good stock price.”

4) Teachers and parents can sign up to participate in a free STOCK MARKET GAME at

The first session begins 9/9/19, but teachers can still participate in a prep session running NOW. Feel free to forward this email to your teachers. They can also contact me if they have questions, and I will lead them in the right direction. This program is a free resource from the  SIFMA Foundation.

That’s all for today. Thank you for the support and reach out if we can answer any questions about the wild world of the stock market and investing.

With gratitude, J J and Jodie



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