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Discovering Pinterest!

Hello friends,

I’m not into sewing or recipes, so I never thought to get a “Pinterest” account for our little project. People have told us to do so, but we’ve resisted. We barely keep up with what we have going as it is.

For a combination of reasons (too many to start naming, I’ll write a blog post about it maybe) - I found myself opening an account last week.

The first thing I search is “Financial Literacy” and I drop into some very good teacher blogs and websites and “pins”. Ahhhhhhh…… Teachers!!! Now I get it!

I found this great site called  Scaffolded Math by teacher Shana McKay that features a cool “Financial Literacy Word Wall” for teachers to use, plus TONS more. I also was stoked to find her on all of the social medias as well! You can click the link above to visit her wonderful site full of resources for the school and homeschool.

Oh, and one other thing. You can follow us or whatever it is you do on Pinterest. We are @teachingkidstobuystox but warning: we don’t really know what we are doing yet.

Thanks for reading!

With gratitude, J J and Jodie


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