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Our New Podcast + New Partnership + A New Video

Hello Friends,

We have two big announcements to share, plus a video that's received GREAT feedback on social media.

It was about year ago that J. J. was a guest on OC Talk Radio's "The Raad Life" with Raad Ghantous to talk about the book.

When we reached out to Raad about a repeat appearance, he replied "it's time for J. J. to host his own show don't you think?"

We try to take good advice when we hear it. 

With that, we are excited to announce that J. J. will be hosting his own podcast titledPiggy Banks to Wall Street. The show will be featured on the OC Talk Radio youtube channel beginning in August, as well as on other podcast platforms.

You can see our quick promo we recorded last week with Raad by clicking this link: Coming Soon - Piggy Banks to Wall Street.

Our new show will feature the best and brightest minds in financial education.

From guests who educate kids and teens, to guests who educate financial professionals, we will bring you expertise that will simplify the complexities of the financial world.


We are stoked to have signed an agreement with Electus Global Education Co to help develop content for their AMAZING new product, the Life Hub Learning Center.

This is one of the coolest products we’ve seen, and we can't wait to see it launch.

Life Hub is a powerful home-based all-in-one computer system for children aged 3 to 14. It’s a practical hands-on system that engages and teaches children financial, money management, entrepreneurship and life management skills by empowering them to manage real money, businesses, and their lives every day at home.


In addition, we were recently asked by the Dubai based company Finllect to share a lesson or two (via video) from our own personal financial journey.

Given that we've had about a dozen marketing experts tell us to start putting video on our social media for both the book and the wealth management practice, we decided to use the invitation as the push to get us started.

The video has received FANTASTIC feedback on Linked In, Instagram and Facebook. You can view it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link, Our Best Financial Decision.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

With gratitude,

Jodie and JJ


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