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Radio Shack Ad from 1991

Hello Friends,

I would say you have a plethora of lessons to learn from this advertisement from 1991. I won’t hit them all - but here are a few of them.

First off - retail is HARD! Be really really picky with retail stocks and make sure they continue to have lines of happy paying customers. It’s what I call “line out the door factor”. Those of us who remember Radio Shack also remember when we were surprised they were still around.

Second - think about technology and how it has evolved since this advertisement. Almost every item on that ad can be replaced with a smartphone. I guarantee the video on your phone’s camera is higher quality than the video from that camcorder. My old man lugged one of those to every basketball game for three seasons for me.

Third, look at the PRICES!! Those were 1991 dollars too! There has certainly not been price inflation in how we access technology hardware. We pay more for technology access monthly for connectivity to the internet - but the hardware has gone down in price. That’s why hardware and retail are BOTH tough businesses.



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