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The Wenrich Family and BusyKid on KGTV 10 in San Diego

Hello Friends,

Our family was recently interviewed in our home by Amanda Brandeis, a reporter for the local San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV in San Diego interested in talking about the BusyKid Chores and Allowance App for tablets and smartphones.

It was fun for all of us to be interviewed and watch Amanda take footage, then see the how quickly she turned that footage into polished clips for the news later that day. The CEO and founder of BusyKid, Gregg Murset was on the scene as well. We enjoyed meeting him and learning more about how he created the app.

CLICK HERE to see the original story on the KGTV 10 News site.

Our 3 year-old nephew Oliver is a big fan of our family, and was excited to see us on his TV while watching the San Diego news. A true child of the FaceTime generation, he was a little confused as to why we weren't answering him when he talked to us. You'll certainly enjoy THIS CLIP of Oliver watching us on TV.

With gratitude,

Jodie and JJ

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